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Partner Programs

With an exciting new concept of transportable family hammock beds,Hangout Pod offers an innovative, exciting and affordable solution to home and travel-based lounging. We are now readily available in most continents, so get in touch to discover exactly what a Hangout Pod partnership can do for you!

You’ll receive a dedicated account manager, exclusive access to our vibrant sales support assets and, of course, our Hangout Pod trust guarantee.

Partner Programs

We offer a number of partner programs - with pricing tiers and levels of support to suit your needs.

Worldwide Shipping

 We hold stock globally to ensure we can service our clients and partners no matter where they are based.

Marketing Support

We have a full suite of digital and print assets to support the sales and promotion of our range of products.

Warranty & Guarantee

We offer worldwide warranties and guarantees for all our clients and customers.


We offer flexible MOQ's. We tailor each of our partner packages to meet client/customer needs.

'We are Hangout Pod'

For leisure or lounging, explorative travel or home relaxation, Hangout Pods were truly built for comfort and made for fun.

Transportable, affordable and designed for good times – to bring families together, to celebrate the great outdoors and nature.  

All whilst experiencing the relaxing feeling of floating just above the ground.

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Indoors, outdoors, families, friends & fur babies alike. Our Pods are loved at home, or on the road. An adaptable design that is functional, fun and an absolute family favorite!


Alleviating supply chain risks, every component of our range is made under our roof, by us. Having a 360° manufacturing approach means no order is ever too big for us to fulfil.


We are a moralistic brand whose principles are focused on ethical practices. Our factory HQ in India works passionately alongside local community projects, because for us, this is absolutely essential.

"I purchased a Hangout Set  and it arrived just three days later. I love it and so does my family!"

Monica H.

Partner Programs

We offer a range of flexible partner programs to align with your business needs. Each program includes market specific assets with a dedicated on-boarding and account management team.

What we offer:

  • Wholesaler Program
  • Drop-shipping Program
  • Distributor Program
  • Retailer Program (Online & In-store)
  • Trade Program (Interior Designers & Architects)
  • Affiliate/Influencer Marketing Program

Worldwide Shipping

We offer an array of shipping options reaching across the world. We hold stock globally - UK, EU, AU, & USA - to ensure we can service our clients and their customers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What we offer:

  • Local distribution centers (UK, EU, AU & USA)
  • Flexible shipping options - FOB, EXW, DDP & Drop-shipping
  • First Class Couriers - FedEx, UPS, DHL, DPD & more

Marketing Support

We share the full experience of Hangout Pod through our digitally delivered retailer folder. Inclusive of everything you will need to get started and partner with us, all in one convenient place.

What we offer:

  • Retailer Folder - Packed with tailored assets; White background product images, HD lifestyle & editorial photographs, promotional & instructional videos, GIF's, detailed descriptions and much more…
  • Brand collaboration support
  • Social media and digital marketing support assets
  • Vibrant sales & support printable assets

Warranty & Guarantee

We believe in building lasting relationships that are seeded from trust, protection and peace of mind. Your confidence in us is our commitment and we are proud to safeguard your customer’s satisfaction. 

Please speak with a member of our team to learn about our extensive worldwide regional warranties specific to your region.

Flexible MOQ's

It is promise to help you introduce our unique range of Hangout Pod products successfully and confidently into your market which is why we offer flexible and personalised MOQ's, especially on first time orders.

Because, to us, no two of our clients are the same.

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